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Hi, I’m lydia!

Welcome, friend! To me, photography is the most beautiful and  authentic form of storytelling. 

In our stories lies the essence of who we are. Some of  you are writers, some artists, some musicians. But many of you find yourselves pursuing lives as bankers, teachers, nurses and doctors, lawyers, or a stay-at-home parent... 

And while each of these roles plays a huge part in others’ stories, you may often forget to create the space to capture your own stories. I believe in realness, in memories, in stories, in moments and in laughter. 

Dear friend, your story matters.

Whether it be your wedding day, your loved ones or your business, I desire to capture every element of your story with authenticity and truth. When you look at your images, I want your senses to be stirred, your emotions to be awakened. 

The memories of the first time you laid eyes on your bride or groom, your family's decision to adopt, the way you throw your head back in laughter when you're with your love, the tears welling up in your dad's eyes— these memories should be cherished, reminisced and passed down. 

Let's capture your magic.